Online Therapy

Delivered in your home, hotel room, office, wherever you are that’s distraction free and comfortable.

Online therapy:

  • eliminates travel time
  • avoids stress/anxiety about getting to appointments on time
  • is available to anyone anywhere


I use a individualised and holistic approach, some of the therapies I work with are:

Some of the common issues I help people with are:


  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sleeping Issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Social anxiety
  • Abundance/ Financial Issues
  • Communication
  • Self esteem issues
  • Eating disorders and body image issues
  • Depression
  • Alcohol issues
  • Expat life & issues
  • And many more


What do I need for online therapy?


  • A good wifi connection (must be able to stream tv shows, Netflix without any issues)
  • A computer, tablet or phone with a camera and a microphone (most have these in built)
  • A quiet, comfortable and private room where you will not be disturbed
  • Zoom (video conferencing software or app, its free and easy to set up)


Frequently Asked Questions


Is online therapy as effective as in person therapy?

Yes, there is no difference and it is much more convenient.

Here is some research on the effectiveness of online therapy:

Is online therapy suitable for everyone?

Online therapy is not suitable for anyone in a crisis situation e.g. suicidal or having psychotic symptoms. Please call your local suicide hotline, crisis assessment team (CAT) at your local hospital, or emergency services (000 in Australia).

Can hypnosis be done online?

Yes, it is exactly the same as in person and has the same results. All you need is your mind and my voice and skills. I just get you to lie down or sit in a comfy chair and have you position your screen so I can see your face.



Can hypnotherapy be done online?


Yes! All you need is your mind and my voice and skills. I just get you to lie down or sit in a comfy chair and have you position your screen so I can see your face. Results are the same as in person therapy.



Diana is lovely and warm, very easy to talk to, even though the entire session was over Skype. She walked me through issues, and gave me practical steps to deal with them. The hypnotherapy part of the session broke open old wounds, and we cleared them out. I feel so much lighter today, and ready to take on the future. Diana’s fantastic, and I’m glad she’s online.

Nadya Siapin, New Zealand

Travel Blogger

Diana is a very kind, helpful, informative counselor and hypnotherapist. I had an online Skype session with her to tackle my issues with housework and procrastination, and while I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was very pleased with my experience with Diana. She was so professional and easy to talk to, and thanks to her help, I have already made great progress in breaking down the mental barriers that were keeping me from success (and this was after only one session!). I would highly recommend Diana to anyone and everyone who is even toying with the idea of hypnotherapy or counseling, as she is very good at what she does. Thank you, Diana!

Rachel Lowisz, Mexico

Digital Nomad

Wow, I did an online session with Diana and it was powerful and beyond expectation. She helped me process my here and now blocks around an issue I’d been struggling with and then guided me though hypnosis around the issue. I was so impressed at how well this worked via Skype! I dropped into a childhood experience and was able to clear out some old beliefs, and could not be more pleased with the results of our session.

Jenny Monet, Bali

Digital Nomad

hypnotherapy, hypnotherapist

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