Online Group Therapy for Anxiety

Change your anxious thoughts & beliefs


Learn to trust your intuition NOT your anxiety


Feel confident & safe to do the things you enjoy




Feel supported by people who GET IT

The Details

6 weeks

Online via Zoom (I’ll help you get set up)

Maximum 6 people in a group

Weekly 1 1/2 hour sessions

Weekly freebies (e.g. meditations, journal prompts, fun tips)


Wednesday’s 4pm Bali time

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What will we focus on in therapy?

Each session will have a combination of sharing with the group, learning strategies to use in your life, mindfulness, meditation or hypnosis.

The tools you’ll learn are tried and tested by myself and hundreds of clients. Having suffered severe anxiety and panic attacks myself I know how debilitating it can be and from this journey I have learned a ton of strategies along the way from all different schools of thought to help you find peace with in.

This group therapy is a little different to other traditional groups out there as we will not only focus on the human experience of anxiety but also the energetic and spiritual side.

Each week will have a different focus and will include working with your:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Behaviours
  • Physical self (diet, environment, movement)
  • Energy (how to connect to it and protect it)
  • Spiritually (connect to your intuition and soul for guidance)

What are the benefits of online group therapy?

  • Feel supported by people who get it
  • You can do it from anywhere that is quiet and private (e.g. from your bed in your pyjamas)
  • Get a consistent and structured way to overcome anxiety
  • No travel time

What’s the investment?

Think of the money you spend on distracting or numbing yourself from your emotions with alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, drugs, food, Netflix etc

Why not make an investment that will have a long term effect and will actually save you money in the future.

Your investment is only:

AUD $399 for the whole 6 weeks. 


Do I have to show my face and be visible to others?

No, you don’t have to be visible unless you choose to. You will need to share audio so that you can share throughout the sessions.

What if I can’t make a week?

No worries. You can  watch the replay, I will be recording the parts of the session that are educational only so that everyones privacy is maintained unless all group members agree to be recorded then you can view the whole session.


Diana just has a special way to make you feel immediately comfortable in her presence. I didn’t know much about online therapy until I did my sessions with Diana . She guided me through softly and gently while also getting deep into my subconscious self . I highly recommend Diana as she’s helped me greatly along my path.

Sarra Costello, Bali

Restaurant Owner

I have been seeing Diana for several months now, and I cannot express our life-changing it has been. I can really say that Diana basically saved my life. Her approach has been fantastic and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone considering counselling.

Ally Toullec, France

Marketing Guru, OLCAN Marketing

Diana is an incredibly natural counsellor, very engaging and easy to be yourself with, which has made a massive difference to how i am managing my anxiety. I would absolutely recommend Diana!

Rebecca Price, Melbourne


After only one session with Diana, I feel so much more relaxed in my own skin. She gave me tools which I could immediately apply in life which is exactly what I was seeking. She helped me separate the different sides of myself so that I could look at my inner dialogues from more than one critical perspective. I would highly recommend Diana and really hope to have another opportunity to work with her in the future.

Emily Araman, Bali

Website Developer

Feeling like this is your next step in overcoming anxiety?

Great! I’d love to help you on your journey.

Purchase your spot below and I’ll be in contact soon with more info.


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