Can hypnosis be done online?


Yes! All you need is your mind and my voice and skills. I just get you to lie down or sit in a comfy chair and have you position your screen so I can see your face. Results are the same as in person therapy.

What do I need to do online therapy?


  • A great wifi connection (must be able to stream tv shows, Netflix without any issues)
  • A computer, tablet or phone with a camera and a microphone (most have these in built)
  • A quiet, comfortable and private room where you will not be disturbed
  • Zoom (video conferencing software or app, its free and easy to set up)

Is online therapy as effective as in person therapy?


Yes, there is no difference and it is much more convenient.

Here is some research on the effectiveness of online therapy:

Is online therapy suitable for everyone?


Online therapy is suitable for most people and many find it more convenient and comfortable. 

Online therapy is not suitable for anyone in a crisis situation e.g. suicidal or having psychotic symptoms. Please call your local suicide hotline, crisis assessment team (CAT) at your local hospital, or emergency services if you are experiencing these symptoms.

If you are unsure if online therapy would be a good fit for you book in a free consultation where we can discuss your issues and I can guide you to the best treatment options for you. 

Why is hypnotherapy more expensive than counselling?


With hypnotherapy you will often only need a 1-3 sessions to resolve an issue, where as with counselling you may need months or years of sessions to get the same results. Hypnotherapy sessions are also longer in duration. A typical hypnotherapy session will last 2 to 2 1/2 hours and a counselling session is 1 hour.

What if a traumatic event comes up in hypnosis?


I will help you to feel safe and supported and to heal the event if needed. It’s important to note that the traumatic event has already occurred and you survived it, if any emotional reactions arise I will help you to release them so that you are no longer triggered. It’s a very easy gentle process and truly life changing.

Can everyone be hypnotised?


Yes. Hypnosis is a natural occurring state that we in and out of throughout the day. It’s based on your state of consciousness. When you are falling asleep you drop in to alpha and theta waves, which is the same state/level of consciousness you are in when under hypnosis, you are alert and relaxed at the same time. Daydreaming is another example of hypnotic state.

What if I can’t afford therapy?


I invite you to assess what you and your life is worth? How much is it going to cost you (psychologically, socially, financially and time wise) to keep the issue/s you have? Do you spend money on numbing yourself with alcohol, drugs, shopping, food or something else? It’s up to you to make yourself a priority. Often issues left unhealed can manifest into much severer problems and/or physical ailments.

Want to know if online therapy is right for you?

Book in a free chat to discuss your issues and needs and ask me any questions.


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