Get ACCESS to LIFE CHANGING insights and strategies (and so much more) for a FRACTION of the investment of working with me 1:1.


There is no better time than NOW to break free from your conditioning and past that holds you back.

Imagine for a moment…

Rising above all the BULLSHIT your mind (ego) tells you, being able to see the humour in it and make peace with it rather than be in a constant internal war.

Fully feeling and expressing your emotions in healthy, empowering ways rather than drinking alcohol, eating, taking drugs, scrolling through social media, shopping, Netflix bingeing, working to avoid and numb your emotions.

Having a deep, trusting connection with your intuition and source/ spirit / the universe (whatever you want to call it), that loves you unconditionally and guides you on your unique path, making even the most tumultuous times a beautiful gift.

Well I got news for you!!! YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!

All you have to do now is DECIDE, decide to do things differently, decide to be OPEN and WILLING to see your edges.


If I’m talking your language, if this FEELS aligned for you

Come join the Expand Your Consciousness Tribe, We’d love to have ya!

Why join the tribe?

Are you sick of struggling with your mental health, sick of going around in circles with unhealthy habits and addictions, scared to feel your feelings or really communicate how you feel and be the REAL you to others?

With the current state of the world there is no better time than NOW to work on yourself, to feel alive and more aligned to who you really are, and create the best possible life for yourself.

What you’ll get:

  • ✨Weekly insights, strategies, meditations and tasks to get you expanding your consciousness 
  • ✨A monthly zoom mentoring call where you can ask me anything
  • ✨A monthly Q&A session in the chat group
  • ✨A safe and supportive, like-minded community
  • ✨Fun, laughs and a sprinkling of swearing (or maybe a lot … we will see)

Your consciousness will be expanded just from being in the group. 

Even if you don’t participate you will still to benefit from the collective energy and seeds will be planted.

It’s time to invest in YOURSELF…

When you invest your time, energy and money in you it’s a declaration to yourself and the universe that


So, I created this monthly subscription so that you can show your commitment to yourself, me and the universe that you are SERIOUS about CHANGING YOUR INNER & OUTER REALITY

For a LIMITED time, you can join the Expand Your Consciousness Tribe for a special price of AUD $22/month or $199/ year

Yes, you read that right! Only $22/month or $199/year (until Monday 8th Feb 2021)

You can cancel any time. No commitments.


I’m proud to be a part of telegram chat with Diana. It helps me a lot, though I don’t write much in a group cause I’m quite shy but I always read. I also like audio messages from her. It’s really professional and kind. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t have much time for therapy but want to work on their problems. Thanks Diana for your work!

Ksenia Kuznetsova

I am absolutely loving being part of the tribe. Every day there is such insightful and valuable information. I love the community Diana has built and it feels like a very supportive place. The subjects discussed are always so on point and always so relevant. Absolutely love it!

Skye Della-Santa

I highly recommend joining the Expand your Consciousness Tribe. The regular broadcasts & discussion have improved my awareness & self development in a very positive way. Diana is so generous sharing her own experiences & creating a safe place to share & explore. It is a fun & regular way to stay focused on my mental health.

Nicole Geeves

I truly enjoy being a part of Expand Your Consciousness tribe. It is extremely helpful to have this circle of like-minded people where I can share my traumas, problems concerns and get help. I am always looking forward to weekly broadcasts and Q&A sessions and chatting with its members.

Yana Ermilova

How To Join The Tribe


Instructions to sign up:

1. You’ll need to download the Telegram app via your smart phone, computer or tablet you can download Telegram here: search for Telegram in the app store on your phone.

2. Once you’ve downloaded Telegram, open the app and start a new message to @TheConsciousBot

           (Make sure to type it just as it’s typed here with the @ symbol and a Capitalised T, C and B).

3. Click on the word “ Start” in the new message to the bot and it will respond to you with all the instructions.


Pretty cool hey?!


If you need any assistance along the way feel free to email me at


I look forward to seeing you in the group!



Hey there lovely

I’m Diana Morrison, a trained counsellor and hypnotherapist with an intuitive knack that allows me to feel energy and people’s emotions in my body.

My souls’ purpose in this life is to raise the consciousness of the planet, that means inspiring others to QUESTION EVERYTHING, to break free from their conditioning, to fully feel and reconnect with themselves, the universe, and the LOVE that we all are.

The path to inner freedom and fully living is a unique journey for everyone …it takes courage but once you’re on the path you’ll realise there is no going back, that the joy, bliss and magic that you experience far outweigh being stuck in the old grind of your physical world and outdated ancestral conditioning.

Allow me to be your guide to fully step into your mental, emotional and energetic freedom where you will deconstruct your unhelpful beliefs, reprogram your subconscious with empowering seeds of worth and create a beautiful relationship with yourself (including your soul), others and the universe.


Join us and raise your consciousness today!

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