Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to let go of anxiety. Through hypnosis you are working on many different levels that will ultimately change your wellbeing and reduce your anxiety. On a physical level hypnosis helps the body to relax at a deep level and the more you engage in hypnosis the easier you will find it is to relax, it will likely become a state you can access whenever you like, especially in those high anxiety triggering times.

On a mental level hypnosis not only helps you to slow your mind down and choose where your attention goes it also helps you to change negative beliefs you have about yourself and the thoughts that go along with them.


On an energetic level you can change your emotional states by learning where your emotions come from, healing them and replacing them with a more desired, upgraded emotion. By doing this it also changes the energy outside of you which will change the way others interact with you and the things that are attracted into your life.


In this weeks video you will get to experience what it likes to let go of anxiety with hypnosis. The more you listen to it the more benefit you will get from it.

All you need is a quiet, comfortable place to either lie down or sit. Most people like to listen to hypnosis through headphones, it helps reduce any noise distractions and make your experience more powerful.


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