Have you ever felt stuck in your thoughts that you feel there’s no way out? The thoughts seem to pop into your mind at the worst times, and when they do it’s almost impossible to think of anything else. This can make it difficult to concentrate and interact when you’re having conversations with friends or family members.

It seems as if anxiety keeps you from being present and concentrating fully on your relationships with others, but it doesn’t have to mean you won’t be able to tune into those you’re with and participate in conversations. In fact, when you can find time to be in the present moment, you’ll see that your relationships will improve.

When you’re anxious you often find yourself worrying so much about the external things in your life that it keeps you from being able to pay attention to others. Rather than listening to their complaints or what they are going through, you seem distant and or distracted.

As you continue to be distracted by your anxieties, your friends and family can start to feel taken for granted or as if they don’t matter to you….

But, when you unhook yourself from the thoughts that keep popping up, it will be easier to be present and build quality relationships. You’ll listen more attentively to the people you’re spending time with. You’ll have the capacity to support them when they need you and it will help you feel calmer and in control.


So how do you unhook form your anxious thoughts?

Watch this week’s video to learn a really simple way to unhook and be present:


One way to move beyond your anxiety is to practice visualisation and allow your worrisome thoughts a place to go.

Step 1: close your eyes, visualise a stream (seen before or from imagination), nicely flowing current with leaves

Step 2: start to notice your thoughts as they come up (worrisome, planning, the thought that you’re not thinking)

Step 3: gently place thought on a leaf and watch it go down the stream

Step 4: If your mind wanders to another topic, put the whole topic on a leaf and watch it pass by

When you practice this more often you’ll see that you won’t get caught up in your thoughts so much. You’ll be able to unhook from your anxiety more easily and you’ll be calmer and more present in your life.

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