Have you ever felt so anxious that it likes your feet aren’t even on the ground? The anxiety just seems to overtake your whole body and your mind and it can sometimes even lead to a panic attack. When you feel this way, it makes it difficult to do anything and can lead to more fearful thoughts and feelings like, “What’s wrong with me?” “Am I sick?” “Am I dying?” “I’m about to lose control”

Anxiety sure as hell feels real, especially in the brink of it, and the worst thoughts and fears start to pop into your mind like, “I am really about to lose it” or maybe “I’m going to pass out” or “I’m going to throw up” and “ this is never going to go away”… but it doesn’t have to be like this, by learning grounding techniques you will start to feel more in control of your anxiety and with time it will start to melt away.

Your anxiety seems to have a hold on you, it occurs more regularly than it doesn’t, things that didn’t used to make you anxious are making you anxious now, and maybe you’re even starting to have anxiety about getting anxiety in certain times or places.

As this continues you just feel overwhelmed by this, like there is no way out, perhaps you start to avoid situations and people too.

But, when you know how to ground yourself it becomes more and more easy to manage your anxiety and over time you will be able to rule it rather than it rule you. You’ll feel more in control, calm and just grounded, which is a great feeling.

One way to help feel more in control and present when you’re feeling anxious is to use this grounding exercise. Check out the exercise in this weeks video:


Grounding Exercise

Step 1: Look around you

Step 2: Notice 5 things you can see

Step 3: Notice 4 things you can touch or are touching (e.g. socks, chair, shirt, table)

Step 4: Notice 3 things you can hear

Step 5: Notice 2 things you can smell

Step 6: Notice 1 thing you can taste

When you practice this more often you’ll feel in control and grounded to the present moment, rather than feeling like you’ve been swept away by your anxiety.

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