Most people will experience anxiety from time to time. Anxiety is a response to a stressful external event/s. Many of us can deal with external stressors, however when we start to worry about them, feelings of anxiety kick in. Anxiety can become a problem when it interferes with our daily functioning and relationships. Anxiety can lead to panic attacks and much more severe anxiety disorders if left untreated. There are many different treatment options for anxiety, and it’s important that you find the best treatment option for you. Hypnosis for anxiety is a safe and non-invasive way to make long-term changes to the anxiety response cycle.


How does hypnosis help anxiety?


  1. It helps you learn how to deeply relax.

Relaxation is the opposite of feeling anxious. Most people who suffer from anxiety want to feel calm and relaxed. During hypnosis you are guided into a deep state of relaxation. And relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis are taught to you so that you can access this state at anytime.

  1. It helps you to access positive states for anxiety provoking situations.

During hypnotherapy positive states that you would like such as confidence, calmness and relaxation can be anchored so that you can access these states at anytime. Once these states are anchored hypnosis is a wonderful way to practice using these states in potential anxiety provoking situations so that they are instilled and used in real like situations.

  1. It helps change limiting beliefs.

We all have core beliefs about our selves and the world. Core beliefs are what drive our behaviour at the subconscious level. Our beliefs can be either positive or negative. The negative beliefs often get in the way of us achieving what we really want in life. For example if you believe “I’m not good enough” this can lead to negative behaviours such as procrastination, alcohol, substance abuse and overeating to avoid the feelings this belief brings to name a few. Hypnosis can help you to identify and change these beliefs that we are often not aware of at the conscious level.

  1. It helps you change your negative self talk.

Anxiety is born from our thoughts. When anxious, if you tune into what your mind is telling you, it is often negative and unhelpful. During hypnosis you will be taught how to identify when your mind is on a negative path and learn how to unhook from your thoughts and change your thoughts to more helpful ones if needed.

A client I have helped came to me because she was experiencing panic attacks, they seemed to be coming out of nowhere. She had a holiday booked to go to the USA a few months later and was so scared and worried about having panic attacks that she thought she would not be able to fly that distance or enjoy her holiday. In our first session I taught her several relaxation and breathing techniques that she started using daily and did a deep relaxation recording for her, which she started to listen to each night. After her first week she had already noted a big difference in how calm she felt. In her second session we identified the initial event that caused her to have panic attacks. We then utilised a highly successful hypnosis for anxiety technique to change the way she felt about that situation and instill healthier perceptions about it and future events. By doing this she no longer had the anxious feeling in her gut every time she thought about that event, the memory was still there but the way she felt about it had changed. In our third and final session we worked on changing one of her limiting core beliefs around fear of death, by utilising her internal resources she was able to find a new outlook on death which made her feel more at ease and peaceful. This client reported to me after her trip that she had happily made it to the USA and had a wonderful time with her partner. She said she still uses the techniques she had learned in our sessions daily, is so much more relaxed, and enjoys life now.

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