Often when you feel anxious you feel out of control and can feel like you’re not connected to your body or reality or the ground.

One way to help you break or lessen this uncomfortable feeling and get some sense of control back is to do some grounding.

There are 2 ways to ground yourself, one is through the physical body and the other by connecting to the earth.

In this video I outline 6 ways you can ground yourself:

6 ways you can ground yourself include:

  1. Getting outside in nature and either walk, sit, stand or lie in bare feet for about 20 mins. Connecting to sand, dirt, grass or big rocks is best.
  2. Take a cold shower, this helps you get back into your body.
  3. Move your body- anxiety gets stuck in your body as an energy, by moving you expel some of this energy out of you. Go for a walk, run, dance, do yoga, surf… it doesn’t matter what you do just move your body and then notice the difference afterwards.
  4. Do a grounding meditation, try to do it outside so you get the additional benefits of nature
  5. Deep breathing is great at connecting you back into your body and helping you to relax and feel calmer and more in control.
  6. Mindful breathing is a gentle way to bring yourself back into your body and the now.


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