When you’re feeling anxious, all you want to do is push the feeling away. You might be pushing it away by using alcohol, drugs, working, making yourself so busy you don’t have time to think about it or feel it.  As you push it away it you might feel better for a bit then you seem to feel even worse later, the anxiety can feel crippling at times. It makes it hard to do anything, it might even be affecting your appetite and your sleep as well.

When anxiety has a grip, it can start to show it’s face in all areas of your life. It might even show up in areas it never used to be, making you doubt yourself and all you’ve known. Pushing those feelings away may have worked momentarily but what you’ve noticed is that the anxiety comes back with a vengeance. You’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know how you’re going to feel better. You can feel better and the way to feel better is to feel your anxiety and move through it rather than away from it.

When you feel your anxiety, you can start to understand it, you can know where it’s really coming from, and anxiety ultimately passes a lot quicker when you feel rather than pushing it away.

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Here are 3 great ways to understand and feel your anxiety so you can move past it:

  1. Journaling– get out a note book and pen and start writing about how you feel, no sugar coating, get angry at your anxiety, feel and write about the frustration and all the things it’s holding you back from in your life. Let sadness come, let whatever feelings come, come and keep writing, write down what is making you anxious, now, today, and just keep writing and see what comes out.
  2. Hypnotherapy– this has been one of the biggest turning points for me overcoming anxiety. With hypnosis you can learn new ways to feel and behave in situations that trigger you. You can heal the old wounds that are most likely the culprit for the anxiety your having in your adult life and form a deep understanding of it all. Usually once there’s and understanding and an awareness and the healing has been done life really starts to change, things that used to make you anxious wont.
  3. Feel it Lie on your bed and close your eyes, locate the feeling in the body, notice it’s, size, it’s shape, it’s colour, and just sit with it. It might intensify, it might bring up other emotions, that’s all ok. Just keep sitting with it. You can even say, “I feel you” and sit with it as long as feels right for you.

The more you sit with your anxiety the easier it gets and the better you will be able to understand it, where it comes from and how to respond to it.

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