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Diana is amazing, she is the only therapist who has been able to help me to overcome my eating disorder and make long term changes. Can’t recommend her enough!
Hannah Cliff

Actress/ Student

Diana is a talented and caring professional. With her thorough and considered approach she has helped me to resolve a number of long standing behavioural patterns and get to the root cause. Her take home recordings were very valuable and allowed me to keep seeing results outside of the consult.

Lena Stocks-Ramsay


I highly recommend Diana to anyone considering hypnotherapy. This was my first time experiencing it and Diana was so warm, professional and she makes you feel compleatly comfortable. She has provided me with the tools needed to quit smoking and I’m very grateful.
Katie Wilcox


Diana is a wonderful hypnotherapist and counsellor who amazed me with her professionalism and ability to make me feel comfortable and trust in her. I saw Diana because I felt stuck and held back in certain areas of my life caused by issues from the past. In just two sessions she helped my ‘authentic’ self to emerge. I left the sessions feeling light and with a positive frame of mind. The results of the hypnotherapy have been lasting. I am now pursuing a new career area and the issues from the past are no longer affecting me, in fact, I haven’t thought about them since. Diana helped me immensely to move forward with confidence.

Michelle Collins

Teacher/ Nutritionist, Healthy Shelly

Diana is sensitive and professional. Her guidance has helped me to become more self-aware of some of my issues and has certainly helped me to repair my self-confidence and lead a much happier life. Highly recommend her services to all.
Carla De Rosayro


I had my first session with Diana and I was really impressed by the hypnosis therapy. I have been struggling with blockage in both business and relationships that I didn’t know stemmed from childhood trauma. Diana knew exactly which questions to ask and made note of certain words and phrases that reflected my goals. During the hypnosis she was able to incorporate them into my subconscious thinking to inevitably make me believe these goals are possible and tangible. It has been 2 weeks since my first session and I still listen to the recording of our session when I am feeling stuck again and it sets me again on the right path. By taking me back to a time that was crucial to my subconscious beliefs and confronting the people involved in my trauma, it set me free. I was able to talk to myself as a child and apologize to myself while also forgive people that hurt me. I would recommend Diana to anyone looking to free themselves from trauma and to those wanting proper tools and guidance on reaching their goals.

Angelica Vidal

Marketing Executive

hypnotherapy, hypnotherapist

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