Emily came to Positive Pathways to kick her smoking habit in May 2016 and here’s what she has to say: Hi Diana, things are going great, forgetting all about it most days. Thanks for all your help!

Emily, St Albion, VIC

I struggled for a long time with spells of anxiety and low self-worth, and without ever really understanding why I felt this way, I felt powerless to overcome these feelings and their impact on me. Hypnotherapy sessions with Diana allowed me to understand my anxiety and although I rarely experience these feelings anymore, I now have the self-awareness, confidence and strategies to deal with them when I do. Diana’s help has changed my life!

Early 30s Professional, Fitzroy North, VIC  


In just 4 sessions I was able to change my drinking and my life. I came to see Diana to stop binge drinking and she helped me to find new strategies to deal with my stress and still be able to enjoy and drink without getting carried away. I can’t thank you enough!

Paul, South Yarra, VIC


I’ve been meaning to write to thank you for all your help and to let you know that our son is now going to sleep all by himself with no tears! It took us a while but we got there eventually – I never thought we’d get through it but we did and we are all so much happier (and less tired!) now. He stopped crying when we left the room a few weeks ago, so we then decided it was time to move our baby (now 8 months) into his room. They’ve both taken to the change really well, and my husband and I now have our room back! Anyway just wanted to thank you for all your help and support along the way. I have also recommended you to our neighbour who is having some behavioural issues with her 2 year old girl.

Mother of Two, Thornbury, VIC


In my long journey of battling an eating disorder I was lucky enough to meet Diana. Through my sessions with Diana I have learned to enjoy food and am much better at coping with life struggles. Diana was so supportive through all of my ups and downs and she knew exactly what I needed when I came to see her. Thank you Diana!

Stephanie, Prahran, VIC


Diana has assessed our family dynamic, and has provided an invaluable service to our family by offering the most effective parenting approaches and tools in dealing with tantrums and other behavioural issues, presented to us by our 2 & a half year old. She is very passionate and driven and has helped provide our family a more balanced life. I would strongly recommend Diana, and certainly foresee future consultation with her when we require additional expertise and advice with the arrival of our second child. 

Steven, Fitzroy North, VIC


Diana has changed the dynamic in our household for the better. Before Diana came into our lives our home was ruled by a terrible 2 year old. Now my partner and I are better at communicating and negotiating with our toddler and we are getting our way for once! I didn’t realise that a lack of boundaries and giving into tantrums was at the root of the trouble brewing in our household. We’ve gone from 5 tantrums a day to that many a week. Harmony has been restored by following Diana’s suggestions. She has given my partner and I more confidence in our parenting skills and tools for a more peaceful day to day experience. After only 3 sessions with Diana we can now read our daughter’s behaviour better and see when situations are escalating before they blow up into full blown tantrums. We see the needs and emotions of our daughter in a whole new light. The whole family is happier. We can’t thank Diana enough for the information she has given us and for the tactics she had recommended.

Rochelle, Preston, VIC

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